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Oct 2015 visit by Dick Lane




Travel in Tanzania and Zambia

Five weeks in Tanzania and Zambia visited 10 of the 12 houses, talked to Sisters but did not ask for projects requiring money! 


From Ilala> Fiwila.> Chalata new house, leave train at Makumbako station  by road to Sayuni.   By road to tree plantation at Kifanya > to Njombe.  Back to Sayuni overnight then to Njombe for 6 am bus to Dar (election eve), arrived 7pm.  To Tanga by bus (7 to 1.30 arrive) > Koranga Panganan shamba.> Msalabani – Magala house> Tanga.  Korogwe by bus and return to Ilala same day. Rained on October 31st, departed next day by bus to Masasi,  11 departure arrived 7.30 Malisita no solar power in guest house. Visited St Mary’s girls’ hostel now ready for occupation in January, water storage tank still being constructed, need for girls’  lockers and book storage shelves.








My overall impression of the work of CMM was good, I kept a list of all the Sisters’ names and where they were presently located.  Various requests for help were put to me but I said these would be decided at the next meeting of the Trustees when the support as set out by Dirk Juttner would be discussed.




My own personal cash support  I directed to give to Fiwila Shamba that they can get the maize planted by early December so that harvesting of the first crop in 2016 would provide money to help complete the building at Chalata.  Similarly I will support the clearing of the undergrowth at Kifanya plantation as the trees are already growing well there, both sums will be ‘Designated’  for these 2 specific purposes.   Sayuni was supported on the spot by the purchase of three charcoal heated irons, 24 pots of Baby Cream and a length of green cloth for the mothers of new born babies to be wrapped in. A juice machine to process mangos was delivered to Newala.  An Oxford English Dictionary was bought for the use of girls staying at the St Mary’s Hostel at Malisita, other small sums were left at individual houses to assist some of the work in progress.


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