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Tumshukuru Mungu

Yes, we should often say ‘Thanks be to God’ for all the blessings we take for granted like running water and continuous electricity.

After having missed my annual visit to the CMM Sisters in Tanzania for the last three years due to Covid, I greatly enjoyed being with them again. Their welcome was a bit like the return of the ‘Prodigal Son,’ I felt, some having come from other Houses on a day’s bus journey to greet me on my arrival in Masasi where I lived; now more than 20 years ago. This year I decided to spend most of my time at the Motherhouse and not endure the 15 hour bus journey to the South West Highlands and other Houses, which I usually do.

Things have changed over the last three years, especially the weather. It is much hotter and drier - CLIMATE CHANGE!! A real and big problem for the Sisters. The rains which normally come in November only started in February, not lasting longer than usual to about Easter. This obviously resulted in a very poor harvest. This is what the Sisters and most people rely on. It is causing much hardship after Covid and now the effects of the war in Ukraine also. My concern is what they will live on in years to come? However, they are grateful for everything and always cheerful and continue their work showing God’s love, especially to women and children.

Their Montessori Nursery and Primary School are thriving. In Newala town they became number ONE of 20, and in the Region, number TWO of 230 schools. A remarkable result!

Children at School

The Sisters in Newala built a 523 metre wall around their complex to secure their area including the school. This they managed to do with saving the salary of one Sister, who works in a government hospital. Further help was the income from breeding and selling pigs.

The Day Care Centre opened in Masasi 18 months ago with 10 children, and now has 32. They are in two Montessori classes, one with 2 and a half and three year olds and the other class up to 5 years.


Again I was surprised what the children can do already. One little girl showing me her knowledge of numbers with putting sticks in a box while counting, and one boy standing up and counting up to 100 without a break. On their sports day in their track suits they were singing to the beating of the drum by the teaching Sister.


The girls in the hostel are a happy bunch. They are working hard for their school results, helping each other. They asked for books on mathematics, physics and other science subjects as they do not have any, showing their eagerness to learn and do well in their final school exams. They are so grateful for all the support from our generous donors, especially the orphaned girls. In the evening one sees them coming from the well with buckets of water on their heads, chatting like the hour’s walk to school. One day they invited me to a meal. It felt like being part of a wedding with all the flower petals they threw on my way to enter the hostel.

Their work in the fields and vegetable garden and the Integrated Fish-Chicken- Vegetable Farming Project goes on as usual. However their sale of produce is not as good as in the past as people just have no money. This was so obvious when I observed one of the fish ponds being drained to harvest the fish for sale—the prices were very low.


The last few days, as I did on my arrival, I spent with the Sisters in their House in Ilala, Dar Es Salaam, meeting people closely connected with CMM. It was great to hear their admiration for the Sisters work. Another blessing - Tumshukuru Mungu.



Dirk Juttner

November 2022

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