The Community has 12 houses and about 100 nuns working in very impoverished areas. The Sisters have Montessori schools, and teach Religious Education in primary schools and Sunday Schools.

They also offer personal development classes for women and girls.

Some Sisters work as nurses in clinics and hospitals. Others serve the needy, visit the sick and prisoners, and assist in running churches and parishes.

The Community of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary – that is the English name of the Chama cha Mariamu Mtakatifu (CMM), is a community of nuns in the Anglican Church of Tanzania. 

The community was founded in 1946 when the first three Tanzanian Sisters took their Life Vows. Originally they were under the wing of the Community of the Sacred Passion (CSP) and became an independent religious community before the CSP Sisters returned to England in 1991.  Sisters are trained at Kilimani (Masasi) and Sayuni (Njombe), just two of  the community’s  11 houses in Tanzania and one in Zambia. 

Most young women joining the CMM come from Anglican subsistence farming families and have only primary education. The Community spends a lot of time and money extending their education, enabling them to serve the CMM’s aim of assisting women and children. Their main income comes from farming. Adverse weather (too little or too much rain) and poverty make this difficult. In Sayuni, for example, there is no electricity, no running water and no telephone. 


The African Sisters of St Mary Support Group asks for YOUR help to enable them to become self supporting. 

About the Sisters

“I am the handmaid of the Lord, let what you have said be done to me”


CMM Sisters’ motto