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About the Sisters

The ‘Sisters of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary CMM (Chama cha Mariamu Mtakatifu)’ is a Community of nuns in the Anglican Church of Tanzania and Zambia.

The Community has 12 houses and about 100 Sisters working in impoverished areas.

Most young women joining CMM come from Anglican subsistence- farming families and have only primary education. The Community spends time and money extending their education so that they can carry out CMM’s aim of helping women and children.

The Sisters’ work falls into three main areas: education, health and agriculture.

In education they run Montessori schools and teach RE in primary schools and Sunday Schools.

In health some work as nurses and midwives in clinics and hospitals and others visit the sick at home. They also run outreach classes in the villages on AIDS prevention, family planning and other health issues.

Agriculture: Their main income comes from farming and they spend much time on this. They grow crops such as maize, beans and cassava. They run orchards, vegetable gardens and tree nurseries. They tend animals – pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits and ducks and they farm fish.

Adverse weather (too little or too much rain) and lack of financial resources make this difficult.

The African Sisters of St Mary Support Group asks for your help in enabling the Sisters to become self- supporting.

“I am the handmaid of the Lord, let what you have said be done to me”


CMM Sisters’ motto

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