Chair Report


Trustees' Annual Report for the year ending 30th March 2020.


The trustees met twice during the past year and spent much time on the implementation of the charity regulations, which are on the increase.

In October, I visited eight CMM Houses in Tanzania with a group of Swiss from the Old Catholic Church.

We met in Sayuni where we found the Sisters working hard at the Health Station in their dedicated fashion with patients needing attention. The HIV testing and the maternity unit are fully in use.

On a visit to the CMM House in Njombe we saw the enlarged school with 359 children in their nursery and primary sections. The new dormitories for 73 boys and 73 girls are impressive.

From there we went to the CMM House in Liuli at Lake Nyssa, a two day bus journey. The Sisters work in the local hospital and have started experimenting with growing cocoa on their ‘shamba’.

In Masasi an ‘Integrated Fish-Chicken-Vegetable Farming Project’ has been started. This will be a training centre not only for the Sisters, but for also for local people and should bring CMM a step closer to being self- supportive. The Girls Hostel is working well and the major part of the new nursery school building is almost finished. It will hopefully be opened soon.

In Newala the new Primary School is working well, though rather confined in the present diocesan headquarter premises. A piece of land, a few miles away has been additionally purchased.

During advent the Parish of Warwick had a ‘Chocolate Tombola’ for the girls at the hostel raising £235 towards getting chocolate for them for Christmas.

During this year most of the donations were given for dedicated purposes, like the ‘Integrated Fish-Chicken-Vegetable Farming Project,’ and some for the girls hostel. We also transferred an amount for the education of young Sisters to get training in nursing and teaching. Support was also given for a water supply and, as usual, further support for orphans.

We now see that the Sisters are often finding it not easy to keep up with charitable demand from local people due to limited resources and having to turn some away.

It was good to see God’s Hand in steady progress with the Sisters work in the support of the disadvantaged.

Dirk Juttner, 

Chairman of the Trustees – July 2020