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Trustees' Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2019.


During this financial year the trustees met three times. The main discussion were about the implementation of the Charity regulations.

On 16 April 2018 Dick Lane, one of the founding members of this charity, died unexpectedly, even though at his advanced age he had planned to visit the Sisters in Tanzania and Zambia a few weeks later. He always had a young and energetic outlook and was a great supporter of CMM with regular visits. His advice especially on veterinary issues - his field - and in many other ways was highly appreciated. He will be deeply missed.

The legacy he left to the charity was put in his memory into an endowment fund to assist the Sisters in years to come.


His son, Charles, wants to continue his work and has joined us as a trustee.

During my annual visit in October 2018 I visited seven CMM Houses. Most of the time I spent at the Health Station in Sayuni and at the Motherhouse in Masasi.

In Sayuni the use of the facilities are somewhat reduced as the government has unexpectedly opened dispensaries in some of the neighbouring villages.

Vaccinations in village schools are now done from those dispensaries. As a result of this the fridge for the vaccines has been removed and the house we built by us for it is now used otherwise. Nursing students are also no longer based at the Health Station as the college they came from has been closed.

Due to the fact that the recognition of the facilities as a Health Centre with the relevant regulations is now not happening, the new ambulance is regularly used to transport patients that cannot be treated, to nearby hospitals.

However it is reassuring that patients at the Health Station often insist on a Sister being present when they are treated by one of the other staff.

In Masasi the building of the Nursery School had come to a halt as the government requirements mean it has to be more than twice the size originally planned to conform to their latest model. This is clearly not possible with the amount of money that has been donated for this project. It may take years to complete.

The sixteen girls in the hostel are doing well and much of their food is grown by the girls themselves with the help of the Sisters. They now have quite a number of chickens, some pigs, a cow and a calf, and have started building rabbit hutches, which they hope to fill soon. This makes them almost self- sufficient for provisions.

After designing a logo for the hostel a donor made T-shirts for the girls. The girls were thrilled with them and could not wait to put them on.

Basically, progress is being made in all areas, though the multitude of strict new regulations and demands of the government are hampering faster progress.

One of the Sisters came with me when I returned from Tanzania. She was invited by friends in Yorkshire. On her way home she spent a few days here in Warwick, meeting people at Church services and members of the parish which has helped to form closer ties. This resulted in the parish having a collection during Lent for the purchase of a solar fridge. This will help the Sisters to cool milk overnight to sell the next day in the local market. This will pay for the upkeep of some of the orphan girls in the hostel.

We should be proud of the way in which the Sisters maintain and care for the Health Station, the nursery school, the girls hostel, the water harvesting tanks, the agricultural machinery, 'William's Well', the farm animals, the irrigation systems and all the other facilities that our generous supporters have provided.

The Sisters are in good spirits, working hard and praying for a better world.


May God bless them in doing His will.

Dirk Juttner, 

Chairman of the Trustees – September 2019


V.11.26 - 2nd May 2020

Registered Charity No. 1133344

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