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V.11.21 - 12th June 2019

Registered Charity No. 1133344


Chair Report


Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2018. 
The Charity Commission registered this charity on the 18th of December 2009, based on a ‘Declaration of Trust’ made on the 8th of November 2007.


During the past year the Trustees met twice. At one of the meetings we discussed and have implemented various Charity Commission requirements, including ‘Induction of Trustees’, ‘Trustees Code of Conduct’ and ‘Good Governance’. We also worked on the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ and issued a ‘Personal Details Consent Form’, which was then sent out to all on our mailing list.

The big event during the year was our Ten-Year Celebration with a Service at the Priory Church of Holy Trinity, Mickelgate, York on the 28th of November 2017. A good number of people attended this Service of Thanksgiving, at which I gave a brief report of our various activities in supporting the CMM Sisters at their Houses in Tanzania and Zambia in their work among the disadvantaged, especially women and children.

During the year we sent funds to the Sisters in Chalata, Zambia, to install a rainwater harvesting system at their House. They had been walking almost a mile to the nearest water supply and sometimes returned home without any water.

We also gave a grant to the Sisters for the land registry costs of a plot to build a Montessori Primary School in a developing part of Newala. Previously two attempts of finding suitable land failed. The parents at the long-established Nursery School have been pressing for the Sisters to expand the Nursery School into a Primary School for some time. However, the present premises are totally inadequate, although the Sisters have been able to provide a room for the first year class of a primary school within the existing buildings. The teacher there actually attended the nursery school himself as a child!


On my annual visit to the Sisters in September I only went to the four CMM Houses in the Southern Zone of Tanzania and to Ilala in Dar Es Salaam. I was extremely impressed by what I found on my visit to the Girls Hostel in Malisita, Masasi. The girls have formed their own choir and sing at the Sunday Services. They have settled down so well in their new home that some do not want to return to their villages for the school holidays.

Several of the girls at the hostel are orphans from surrounding villages attending secondary school in Masasi. They are clearly not in a position to pay the hostel fee of £20 a month. We have therefore established a special restricted fund, which will provide ongoing help for their upkeep.


In Lent, the Parish in Warwick had a collection to buy a cow, named ‘Malala’, for the girls hostel. The sale of her milk has already brought in £250 for the hostel.


Following the drilling of a well last year, enabling the Sisters to pump water from a large underground reservoir, the vegetables and fruit trees in the garden and orchard are growing well, supplying a large variety of vegetables for their own consumption and for sale. Early this year we sent funding for an irrigation system, which will enable the Sisters to grow and sell even more vegetables - another venture to help the Sisters become more self-supporting. The Sisters are extremely grateful to those who made the drilling a well possible.


The faithfulness and dedication of the Sisters in carrying out their work is exemplary and is an inspiration to all those around them and those who know them. We would all do well to follow their example in using the gifts God has given us.

Dirk Juttner, 

Chairman of the Trustees – May 2018