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Since the inauguration of the charity in 2007, we have set up and been involved with many projects.



Project work so far includes:


  • Covid support with medical supplies

  • Solar hot water system for Sayuni Health Station

  • Integrated fish-chicken-vegetable farming project

  • Financed rain water harvesting schemes and running water for health centre

  • Built a housing for a medical refrigeration unit

  • Supplied a midwife bag and other medical equipment for health centre

  • Supporting education of several Sisters as nurses/midwives and other professions

  • Financing bursaries for nursery school children  

  • Financed stationary for nursery schools in Masasi and Newala                               

  • Provided playground equipment for nursery school

  • Supplied sewing and knitting machines  

  • Provided school books for orphaned children       

  • Financed agricultural machine spares

  • Famine relief due to poor harvest

  • Assisted in getting Bibles and hymn books to equip village congregations 

  • Supplied Bajaji (Scooter driven rickshaw)

  • Built a hostel to accommodate 20 girls who come from villages to attend Secondary School

  • Drilled a well producing large quantities of water for irrigation and domestic use in Masasi

  • Bought and supplied a thrasher to get cob off the corn

  • Well drilling for water at Mkuranga farm of Sisters near Dar Es Salaam

Fundraising Ideas:

Further projects are currently in discussion. Any new ideas will appear here when ready for funding.

Thank you!

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