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News 2016




Dear Supporters

We thought you might like an update on what is happening with our Sisters, so we enclose five news items below.





The Sisters have moved from their house in Fiwilia in Zambia to a new temporary location in Chalata.  A new house is currently under construction for them to move into hopefully by the end of 2016.






The Montessori primary school in Njombe is being extended to have standard 5 and 6. The building is progressing well with an estimated completion within the next year or so.




Mother Superior


Mother Dorothy has visited after England after Easter. She had been invited by the Community of the Holy Name in West Sussex, who assisted in the foundation of CMM in the 1940's.

She also visited the Order of the Holy Paraclete and the Community of the Holy Name briefly as both of these Communities have Houses in Africa. 






The girls hostel in Masasi is now completed and the girls from local secondary schools have now moved in. They have also started planting a vegetable garden and have their own chickens.






The new maternity unit and laboratory building are now in full use following completion last year. 


A new building is being constructed at the moment, which will be the new 'MCH Clinic' (Mother and Child Health). This service will include an HIV testing station to serve the whole district

Further news will be published after Easter.


Thank you for your continued support.



Yours sincerely, 



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