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Dear Friends and Partners,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18.

It was God’s will that this year we experienced the sorrow and joy of life. On April 16th this year one of our Trustee Members of African Sisters Support Group, U.K. Baba Dick Lane God called him to heaven. He will be remembered by all CMM Sisters for his love and care to the Sisters also for his great contribution to the African Sisters Support Group. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory. We thank God his son Charles Lane has decided to follow his father’s steps and joined the African Sisters Support Group.

On 3rd May, 2018 Sr. Rehema Lilian CMM God called her to heaven. She died at the age of 82 years and 56 years in life profession. Also on 27th October, 2018 Sr. Scholastica Mercy CMM passed away at the age of 50 years and 27 years in life profession. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee on 8th September this year. Thy will be done. May their souls rest in peace and rise in glory.



We thank God on 19/5/2018 four Postulants were clothed as Novices and four Novices took their First Vows at Sayuni.


Nuns taking vows

Novice Mariamu CMM

Novice Faraja CMM

Novice Jacqueline CMM

Novice Paulina CMM

The Sisters taking their First Vows:

Sr. Oresta CMM,
Sr. Rhoda CMM,
Sr. Suzana CMM and

Sr. Monica Mariamu CMM


Nuns taking vows

On 8/9/2018 nine Sisters:

Mariamu Upendo CMM, Julia Rehema CMM, Joyceline Joyce CMM, Jane Rose CMM, Josephine Joyce CMM, ScholasTca Mercy CMM, Mary Prisca CMM, Pauline Anne CMM and Janeth Margareth CMM celebrated their Silver Jubilee and three Sisters took their Final Vows at Masasi Cathedral the Celebrant was Bishop of the Diocese of Masasi Dr. James Almasi and Bishop Patrick Mwachiko our Visitor received their vows.


Nuns final vows
Silver Jubilee Vows


The Sisters with flower crowns on their heads:

Second from right Herieth Anjela CMM, Sophia Nesta CMM

and Herieth Helena CMM




On 30th June, 2018 there was a consecration of our Chalata House in Zambia. It was very moving. Bishop Dereck Kamukwamba of the Diocese of Central Zambia was the Host and two Bishops from Tanzania, Bishop of the Diocese of Masasi, Dr. James Almasi and Bishop Patrick Mwachiko our Visitor acended, the Brothers and Sisters from Zimbabwe and Tanzania, The Guest of Honor was the First Lady but she was away outside the country so she assigned the District Commissioner of Mkushi to present her. Also the Chief of that area acended and The Mothers Union and the different Choirs from different Churches and the Boys and Girls Brigade. We would like to thank Baba Dirk Juttner, the late Baba Dick Lane, the CSP Sisters in England, the Anglican Aid Abroad in Australia, Bishop Patrick Mwachiko and all our friends inside and outside the country of Zambia for their great contribution that made possible the completion of Chalata house. God Bless them all.



Chalata House



We thank God that this year we have been able to get a brand new ambulance. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Partner Sein of Switzerland Dr. Max and all our friends in Switzerland that made possible for us to get that ambulance. The Laboratory Building and the washing place have been completed and the incinerator has been built. The water problem is over now. We have Solar Pump. God Bless them all who have contributed. We would also like to thank the Tanzania Government for helping us to build the bridge and road maintenance. God Bless them. Unfortunately this year our lorry had an accident we’ve spent a lot of money for repair.

Four Wheel Drive Ambulance



We thank God that the construction of boys and girls dormitories has been completed and they have started using them but they are short of class rooms. Please pray for them that they get funds to build more classrooms.





We thank God our Nursery School has been registered under the name of Charles & Julie English Medium Pre & Primary School. We thank very much the Friends of Masasi U.K, Anglican Aid Abroad, Australia, Charles Lane U.K and all our friends abroad for their great contribution to our Nursery School. God Bless them all.



We thank God this year we have been able to get a new tractor TAFE 8502 4WD Model No.GX042 with plough. We thank very much the IAKDM (International Old Catholics Diaconate Mission) for their kindness to provide us with the tractor. God Bless them.


Nun on Tractor

The Construction of our Nursery School at Kilimani Masasi has stopped for a while waiting for funds. We need doors, windows and window grills, school furniture, ceiling boards (gypsum) and flooring. Please pray for us that next year the construction work should be completed. We thank very much the Partner Sein of Switzerland and Anglican Aid Abroad of Australia for their great help.


Nursery School Building



We thank very much Mama Brenda of U.K. for their continuing support to help the renovation of Tanga House. The work is still in progress. God Bless them.


Three of our Sisters have completed Form IV this year. Also two of the Sisters have started pre-Form one and one Sister is taking Social Development Course.


We thank very much Bishop Mathew Mhagama of the Diocese of South West Tanganyika for his initiative to start the 0rphanage Centre at Sayuni. The construction work is still in progress.


We thank God we are doing well in agriculture although this year some parts the weather was not favourable. We continue keeping animals: milk cows, pigs, goats, chickens and also in Sayuni they are keeping bees. Also at Masasi, we’ll start keeping rabbits.


We thank God this year we’ve got the irrigation machine. We need to construct fish ponds with concrete blocks so that we can reserve water throughout the year even at dry season. We are looking for funds so that we can start the construction work. The ponds can be used for keeping fish and at the same time for irrigation. We thank very much African Sisters Support Group for helping us to get the irrigation machine.

We continue well with making church vestments. We receive orders from different Dioceses. We also

knit sweaters for school children.


The girls are doing well. We thank very much Mama Susan Newman from England for providing T-Shirts to the girls. God Bless. We thank Baba Dirk so much for his great effort to make sure the girls are getting their essential needs. Also we thank very much Baba Cole Graham for sending us Self Reliance tools for CMM use and also for his big contribution to the African Sisters Support Group.


We are planning to have a Seminar next year for Religious Communities from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania as a host. Please pray for us so that we fulfill our plans.


We would like to thank all our friends, inside and outside the country for their love and care to support CMM Sisters physically and spiritually. The space is not enough to mention all the names. God Bless you all.

CMM Sisters

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