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Work & Visits

Here are reports from visits made by the Trustees to the Houses in Tanzania and Zambia.
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Sep 2023 visit by Dirk Juttner



This year I spent time at the Motherhouse of the CMM Sisters in Masasi. I had lived there for some years in the past. I also visited six of their eleven other Houses in Tanzania, a vast country four time the size of the UK and bigger than Kenya and Uganda together...

Sep 2022 visit by Dirk Juttner



Yes, we should often say ‘Thanks be to God’ for all the blessings we take for granted like running water and continuous electricity.

After having missed my annual visit to the CMM Sisters in Tanzania for the last three years due to Covid, I greatly enjoyed being with them again...

Sep 2019 visit by Dirk Juttner



The Tanzanian government is really clamping down on all sorts of things.  Just to mention a few, all plastic bags are banned, and all financial transactions, including foreign exchange...

Sep 2018 visit by Dirk Juttner



Having lived and worked in Tanzania for three years, and returned to visit the CMM Sisters and the Diocese of Masasi every year for 15 years, I become more and more convinced that what is needed is expertise.

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Sep 2017 visit by Dirk Juttner



Success in Africa is not rare though that is the impression the media, with its emphasis on bad news, always gives.

Oct 2016 visit by Dirk Juttner



Five weeks in Tanzania and Zambia visited 10 of the 12 houses, talked to Sisters but did not ask for projects requiring money!

Oct 2015 visit by Dick Lane



Five weeks in Tanzania and Zambia visited 10 of the 12 houses, talked to Sisters but did not ask for projects requiring money!

Sep 2015 visit by Dirk Juttner



Cutting the tape to open St. Mary’s Girls Hostel at the CMM Sisters Motherhouse in Masasi was the highlight of my visit to Tanzania this year.  This Hostel is for 20 girls from distant villages, who attend one of the secondary schools in Masasi.

Aug 2014 visit by Dirk Juttner



Things in Africa move slowly.  There are obviously many reasons for this, but it is also good to realize that this has advantages on a continent full of problems, many beyond human influence, like the climate just to mention one.  No wonder some parts of Europe are so densely populated! 

Oct 2013 visit by Dirk Juttner



During my visit to Tanzania in October this African proverb came true again.   

As Europeans we want things done without delay, bringing our cultural background with us. 

In Africa things move at a different pace, for many reasons, which are often out of people’s control – like the weather, lack of education, poor infrastructure and great distances, etc. 

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